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Welcome Funky Friend!

A cool, NEW online Sewing Club has been created – just for soft toy makers!

Funky Friends Factory now has a Sewing Club of its own!

Now it’s time to get the FUNKY FUN started!

“Being able to get to know Pauline online and see what others have produced from the same pattern is great!” – Amy G.

This new sewing club is for you if you like to sew soft toys and LOVE Funky Friends Factory Patterns!

It’s got everything the existing fans have told me they want MORE of. These are just some of the features I’m including for you:

Check It Out!

New and Exclusive patterns

(Club members get patterns exclusively for 3 months before the rest of the world!)

Video tutorials.

(I understand, I’m a visual learner too – I had to watch a lot of videos to learn how to make videos!!!)

Live video calls with ME and the other Funky Friends.

(Even though I don’t like seeing myself on videos!)

A private online forum for chatting about all things Funky Friends.

(If you’re like me, I can talk about fabric stuff all day long!)

That’s just for starters!

The Sew Many Funky Friends CLUB is the exclusive, online membership club for anyone who wants to sew Funky Friends Factory toy patterns.

It’s where you can hang out, learn new skills, chat with other toy-makers and get support through a community, regardless of where you are at in your skill level of soft toy making – a total newbie or a very experienced toy-sewer (Sorry, I’m old-school – ‘sewist’ always makes me feel like I’m trying to be too fancy! LOL).
I want everyone to be able to afford this new club, so I’ve set up 3 different membership tiers.

So whether you’ve only just found how much fun it is to sew softies or you’re are as crazy about sewing soft toys as I am… you are NOT alone!

There’s a whole bunch of toy-makers getting our PLUSH on here! And we all share that funky fascination for creating cute, cuddly things from fabric – what’s not to love, right?

What others are saying

Yes! I made a toy! As a beginner, you’ve given me confidence. Your patterns are adorable and easy to make and I don’t have to be a perfectionist to get a good result.  Monica T.

Being able to get to know Pauline online and being able to see what others have produced from the same pattern is great! Amy G.

Your patterns make me look good! My friends always go crazy for anything of yours I make. I’m giving them to kids ranging in age from 1-76!! Jacky W.

I took part in testing a new pattern. Loved the opportunity to get to know you and other toy makers better! Sharon C.

I love the fact that the patterns are so easy to use. Pauline takes the time to explain every step in detail. If there is a problem it’s lovely to be able to ask for help and get a response very quickly. I think it’s so special that you are prepared to take so much time to help others and pass on your skills. Sharing your journey has been fun! Sarah H.

The coolest handmade toys! Every pattern I have purchased has turned out great!  James C.

By the way, have we met yet?

If we haven’t met yet, I am Pauline, the face behind Funky Friends Factory, and I believe life’s too short NOT to have FUN sewing soft toys.

My love of making soft toys began not long ago – when I was 7! Haha!!! 😀 I found a library book with a pattern for a doll and her entire wardrobe made completely from knitted rectangles. It was such an easy pattern but I wasn’t very happy. The doll looked like she was dressed in knitted rectangles – haha!

So I decided to take matters into my own young hands and designed all sorts of complex knitted outfits for that doll – like a leotard and dungarees  – and made up the knitting patterns as I went along.

Later on I was sewing beautiful, baby-safe, homemade toys for my friends who were having babies. I got asked for other toys as the children got older and that was the beginning of my toy pattern range. I loved working out the shapes of the pattern pieces for the toys and turning pretty fabrics into something everyone wanted to cuddle BUT being a professional toy pattern designer just wasn’t something that ever came up when we had career guidance sessions at school!

You might not believe it, but it’s taken a long time for me to become comfortable telling people that I design soft toys for a living!

I trained as an optometrist and in comparison, sewing toys seemed a rather silly (even childish?) thing to do for a job! Often I think that there are so many awful things happening around the world, how can designing fluffy toys be a worthwhile thing to spend your whole life doing? BUT over the years, having people tell me how much my toy patterns have meant to them… has in turn meant so much to me!   The first time I remember being amazed by the effect my patterns could have on another person’s life was when I received an email from a lady who told me she made my Ellie Elephant for her friend whose partner of 62 years had just passed away. She said she knew how much the elephant meant to her friend because she said its ears were wet from all her tears! Wow! I remember reading her email, with tears in *my* eyes, thinking how amazing it was to be able to make someone else feel a little better because of this ‘weird thing’ that I do! I guess it’s the same with any job. It may feel trivial, insignificant or totally mindless (don’t worry, I’ve had my fair share of those!) but from experience I’ve learnt that…

if you try to make make a positive impact on other people’s lives, you end up living a more fulfilled life yourself!

Now, it’s nearly two decades, and lots of those wonderful feedback stories later, and I know that I am doing something valuable and IMPORTANT…I love that now I can say I’m really proud of what I do!   So without further ado – I couldn’t be more excited to invite you over to join all of us in our next round as we embrace this passion of ours and make the world a better and happier place for all of us!

Come and join us! 

The doors to the club will be opening again for NEW Members… soon!

We are cooking up new patterns, chatting and getting to know each other, sharing sewing tips and generally having a terrific toy-making time over here. 🙂

You don’t want to miss out – registration is only open for a couple of weeks!

Click the button to enter your info so I can let you know as soon as the doors open again. You’ll also receive my free toy-making newsletter with my free Honey Teddy pattern so you can start making your first Funky Friend right now! Can’t wait for you to come join the FUN! 🙂

Let the Fun Begin!